CHAMPION DIME COLLECTORS- Boy Scout Troop No. 18 of the First Methodist Church col-
lected $110.27 yesterday in the Block of Dimes phase of the March of Dimes campaign here. They
were named the winners in the contest among Boy Scout troops, edging out their nearest rivals by
27 cents. Shown here on the corner of North Main Ave. and First Street where they collected the
money are, front row, Wayne Dudney, Charles Eyman, Terry Turner (behind Eyman), Charles White*
Paul Rankin, Charles Vessells, Jim Bishop, David Hart, Johnny Fletcher, John L. Miller and Gerald
Singleton. Ricky Cox, a polio victim who has been confined to a wheel chair for the past several
years is shown in front of the group. Ivan Eyman, assistant scout master, and Jim White, scout-
master, are shown in the rear from left to right. (Daily News Photo). 12/15/52

* James Hyatt ?